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Mobile Banking

Manage your money on the move

Get the app Get the app

Available to personal or business customers who have Online Banking
and a Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK or international mobile number
(our app is available in 18 countries)

Get Cash

Forgotten your card? With our Mobile app you can use Get Cash to withdraw money through our cash machines even if you don't have your debit card with you.

How do I use Get Cash?

Pay Your Contacts

You can use Pay Your Contacts to send up to 250 a day to someone from your Mobile Banking app using just their mobile number. Your contact must have either:

  • registered their account to receive money via Paym (NatWest International and non-NatWest International customers) or
  • the NatWest, NatWest International, Isle of Man Bank, RBS or Ulster Bank Mobile Banking app
How do I use Pay Your Contacts?


Paym lets you use the NatWest International mobile banking app to send money to your friend's account, just using their mobile phone number, and the money will be transferred instantly. It's available to customers of most of the UK's leading banks and building societies.

How does Paym work?

Making banking simpler

Banking on your mobile or iPad

Manage your money on the move – download and register for our mobile app. All you need is your mobile number and online banking details.

View pending transactions

Pending transactions will now show to help you keep track of your finances and to make the difference between actual and available balance clearer.

Other services

Google Pay is here

Tap and pay with Google Pay.

How to use Apple Pay

Pay securely using Apple Pay.

Pay friends using their mobile number

Split a taxi or go halves on dinner. With Pay Your Contacts, you don’t need bank details.

Make payments without a card reader

Make a payment and save the payee without first having to set up a payee in Online Banking.